ZPower is bringing better batteries to the world

ZPower is a leader in the development of rechargeable batteries for microbattery applications. Our rechargeable hearing aid batteries help audiologists and hearing instrument specialists offer solutions that deliver superior performance, improved patient convenience and much-needed environmental advantages.

An impressive U.S. and worldwide intellectual property portfolio has allowed us to develop a rechargeable hearing aid battery that outperforms other rechargeable solutions available today. ZPower batteries are better than traditional nickel metal-hydride batteries, for example, because they deliver up to three times the energy density and provide over 18 hours of continuous use in both 312 and 13 sizes, while easily recharging overnight.

In addition to batteries, ZPower offers power management and charger design services and our areas of expertise range from the development of voltage regulation and power management ICs, to charger electronics and control algorithms.

Indeed, ZPower is powering the future of audiology technology. And that’s only the beginning. Advanced rechargeable microbattery solutions are needed across multiple industries including body worn medical devices and wearable computing. So, watch for ZPower batteries in current and future hearing devices – and beyond.

Watch our videos and learn about the many benefits of ZPower batteries.

Meet the ZPower team.

The ZPower team is proudly delivering the first new rechargeable battery chemistry to be successfully commercialized since lithium-ion was released in 1991.  Our associates include skilled power scientists and researchers along with seasoned hearing care professionals.  The result? We’re changing the hearing care market’s paradigm from disposable to rechargeable batteries!


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