Creating the better battery.

ZPower is the world leader in rechargeable silver-zinc microbatteries. Silver-zinc battery technology was originally developed by the Department of Defense and NASA for use in critical military and aerospace applications. ZPower has improved and adapted this technology for use in miniature electronics and hearing aids. We have worked with leading hearing aid manufacturers since 2007 when they first approached ZPower seeking a rechargeable battery that could power digital wireless hearing aids for a full day on a single charge. The end result is a battery that contains nearly twice the energy of the current rechargeable hearing aid batteries and is capable of delivering over 24 hours of use on a single charge.

What is silver-zinc?

Silver and zinc are the materials that comprise the electrodes within a silver-zinc battery. Unlike its cousins (silver oxide used in watch batteries and zinc-air used in hearing aids), silver-zinc is rechargeable. Among all of the practical rechargeable battery systems, silver-zinc ranks near the top of the list in terms of greatest energy content per weight and volume. It uses a safe, water-based electrolyte and is a safer alternative to the flammable electrolyte used in lithium-ion batteries. Silver-zinc batteries have a potential of 1.8 V compared to 1.6 V for silver oxide and 1.4 V for zinc-air batteries.

Beyond batteries.

Today, ZPower is more than a battery manufacturer. Our portfolio includes power management and charger design services and our areas of expertise range from the development of voltage regulation and power management ICs, to charger electronics and control algorithms.

Watch our videos and learn about the many benefits of ZPower batteries.

Meet the ZPower team.

The ZPower team is proudly delivering the first new rechargeable battery chemistry to be successfully commercialized since lithium-ion was released in 1991. Our associates include skilled power scientists and researchers along with seasoned hearing care professionals. The result? We’re changing the hearing care market’s paradigm from disposable to rechargeable batteries!


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