Associate Data Scientist

  • Position Title: Associate Data Scientist
  • Reports To:
  • Department:
  • Office Location: Camarillo, CA

Looking for an exciting career in an industry where you can make a positive impact on people’s lives? If you are a high achiever, exhilarated by a good challenge, thrive on new ideas, enthusiastic about life, get connected with ZPower!!!  We are actively searching for an Associate Data Scientist.  This position is responsible for design, development and administration of the analytics solution at ZPower. This role requires working under in the cross-functional matrix team to understand and delivery the statistical solutions.  Qualifications should include experience with analytical software and programming packages such as Statistica, R or SAS, experience applying industrial statistical methods such as; control charts, capability studies, hypothesis testing, design of experiments, sample size determination, experience with predictive modeling, data mining and/or machine learning techniques such as, General Linear Models, Multiple Regression, CART and Logistic Regression, proficient with SQL, excellent written and verbal communication skills, including superior presentation skills and

1-2 years of relevant experience.  Charge ahead in your career and seize the opportunity to work at ZPower.  Apply today!