Goodbye Changing Batteries

With ZPower, your patients will never need to touch another hearing aid battery. Since the system operates all day on a single charge, they can stop worrying about running out of power halfway through the day.

Works With The Most Advanced Hearing Aids On The Market

Simply replace the hearing aid battery door with our ZPower Battery Door Module in your office. Using the ZPower battery door and ZPower battery quickly makes many hearing aids rechargeable.

Built With Your Practice In Mind

We recognize the critical role of hearing professionals in helping patients select, fit and wear hearing aids.
That’s why both the ZPower Rechargeable System and Replacement Batteries for hearing aid are available exclusively through qualified professionals.

Big Power In A Tiny Package

Before now, no rechargeable battery could deliver all-day power in advanced hearing aids.

American-Made Power & Quality

Every ZPower battery is made at our manufacturing plant in Camarillo, California, by American Workers. That means you’re getting American-made quality with every ZPower Rechargeable Hearing Aid System, and supporting a strong U.S. manufacturing industry.