The Pioneers of Silver-Zinc
MicroBattery Design and Technology

About ZPower

For 20 years, ZPower has been an industry leader in rechargeable battery technology. Since 1996, our company has pioneered the commercialization and innovation of silver-zinc batteries for use in multiple applications, providing high energy, rechargeable microbatteries for hearing aids, medical devices, and wearable and portable electronics.

The origins of silver-zinc battery technology are decades old. Silver-zinc batteries were used by NASA and the military for mission-critical applications since the 1950s. However, their early batteries were only able to take advantage of the compound’s high energy density and weren’t commercially viable because of the limited number of recharges each battery could accept.

Through nearly two decades of research, ZPower came up with a solution. We developed a proprietary, patent-protected silver-zinc rechargeable microbattery that offers the highest energy density and exceeds the safety and environmental benefits of any other rechargeable microbattery on the market. The impact of this breakthrough has put ZPower at the vanguard of microbattery innovation and design.

The benefits and virtues of the technology are clear. ZPower batteries can be fully recharged hundreds of times without losing significant energy capacity. Because they are manufactured using fully recyclable components, ZPower batteries are environmentally sustainable. For companies, ZPower technologies simplify new product development and speed time-to-market. For end users, ZPower batteries deliver unmatched performance and a vastly improved user experience.

Today, our research and development in microbattery technology is taking ZPower into areas and industries that were unimaginable when we first began. As devices get smaller, more sophisticated and hungrier for energy, ZPower is uniquely positioned to meet the demands of developers and innovators across the spectrum of business, manufacturing and engineering.


Sustainable Innovation

Our commitment to sustainable innovation is at the core of who we are and instills the values that guide our company. We are committed to continuous review, reflection and improvement in our procedures and policies that have an impact on our local communities and the environment. ZPower provides industry leadership by investing in research and development that is both economically viable and environmentally sound.

The foundation of ZPower’s high energy microbattery is its silver-zinc chemistry using a non-flammable, water-based electrolyte that is safe for wearable technologies, among other applications. Silver-zinc based batteries from ZPower are simply better for the planet. They are fully recyclable, mercury-free and are a significant improvement over lithium-ion batteries, which are classified as Universal Waste and can only be “downcycled” into lower quality materials.

Over 1.4 billion disposable hearing aid batteries are discarded into landfills annually. ZPower hearing aid products, such as our rechargeable silver-zinc battery and charging system, help consumers extend the product life cycle and empower them to contribute to a greener tomorrow.

In all of our sustainability efforts, our goal is to minimize the impact of our products and technologies and to be a responsible and honest steward of the environment.

ZPower is ISO 13485:2016 certified and its facility and devices are registered with the FDA.

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