Senior Product Engineer

  • Position Title: Senior Product Engineer
  • Reports To:
  • Department:
  • Office Location: Camarillo, CA

We are actively seeking a Senior Product Engineer. The major responsibilities of this role is analyzing user needs, brainstorming solutions and implementing the most effective solution through systems analysis and system development, leading innovation efforts when considering new technologies, investigating and solve critical production product/process problems on demand, providing design/development, materials testing, specifications preparation, and research investigations on product, parts, and components that meet engineering standards, defining product specifications, design inputs, product design, verification testing and supporting design validation studies. Role qualifications include: BS degree in Mechanical Design or related technical field preferred, 15+ years of product design development experience, product testing experience and experience in machining, injection molding, FEA, & product design and manufacturing. Charge ahead in your career and seize the opportunity to work at ZPower. Apply today!