Katrina Sylvester

Katrina Sylvester

Director of Marketing

Katrina Sylvester brings to ZPower a strong background in healthcare product marketing.  In particular, Katrina has spent the last 14 years working on campaigns for biologics, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices. As the Director of Marketing for ZPower, Katrina is responsible for marketing ZPower in the hearing industry and battery technology markets.

Prior to ZPower, Katrina was a Senior Marketing Manager at Amgen, Inc., where she led a number of marketing initiatives including the campaign for Amgen’s first medical device and a large multi-channel direct-to-consumer campaign in the women’s healthcare market. Katrina has also spent a number of years working in Health Care Provider marketing and Opinion Leader development. Prior to her marketing roles, Katrina worked in sales for both Amgen and Eli Lilly & Co. 

BBA, Marketing, Acadia University, Nova Scotia, Canada, 1991; BS, Nutrition, Acadia University, 1993

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