Today’s Wearable Medical Devices Require Batteries That Are Powerful, Safe and Sustainable

medical devices can help doctors achieve better outcomes for their patients

Wearable medical devices have the potential to improve lives through monitoring, feedback, diagnostics and treatment.

From vital sign tracking to ingestible cameras, modern medical device technology provides highly sophisticated patient engagement that can diagnose, treat, record and alert. This can result in potentially improved quality of life and more positive patient outcomes. But to do so, these devices require batteries that are safe enough to be worn on or in the body, powerful enough to keep wireless devices running throughout the duration of their treatment course, and small enough to not overburden the device with added weight and space requirements.

ZPower’s Director of Research, Dr. Jeffrey Ortega Weighs In

ZPower Battery Director of Research, Dr. Jeffrey Ortega, explores this topic for an article in Medical Device and Outsourcing Magazine. The article explores issues surrounding traditional battery chemistries as they apply to wearable medical devices. These issues include tradeoffs between power and run times, safety and capacity, and capacity and form factor.

The article makes the argument that before the advent of rechargeable silver zinc, there was no chemistry available that could provide non-toxic, non-flammable, high-capacity and high-energy-density battery power in a truly micro form factor. Medical device manufacturers were forced to make concessions – in form, safety or power. But now, with the advent of rechargeable silver zinc, those days are over.

Why Smaller Wearables Warrant More Powerful Microbatteries:


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Silver Zinc is the Safest, Most Powerful Microbattery Currently on the Market

Completely non-toxic, with the highest density-to-size ratio available, rechargeable silver zinc microbatteries have the potential to revolutionize the small wearable medical device market by providing the power and size necessary for the next generation of devices.


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