ZPower Silver-Zinc Rechargeable Microbatteries

ZPower is dedicated to constant innovation to build and improve upon our proprietary, patent-protected battery technology. At the heart of every ZPower application is our core product: the rechargeable microbattery. Based on a silver-zinc chemistry, the ZPower microbattery delivers consistent, stable energy, is safe and environmentally sustainable and is easily scalable to multiple applications and devices across a broad spectrum of industries.

In the microbattery category, size does matter. Batteries made from silver-zinc deliver greater energy density than comparative compounds such as lithium-ion. And our silver-zinc battery can match and exceed the performance, safety and environmental benefits of any other rechargeable microbattery on the market today.


ZPower XR70

Size 10
Rechargeable Battery
Not Currently in Production

ZPower XR41

Size 312
Rechargeable Battery


ZPower XR48

Size 13
Rechargeable Battery


ZPower XR44

Size 675
Rechargeable Battery

The Rechargeable System for Hearing Aids

The award-winning ZPower Rechargeable System makes current or new hearing aids rechargeable and is capable of energizing today’s most powerful hearing aids for a full day of uninterrupted use. Hearing aid wearers can simply set their device on a charging stand overnight, instead of replacing the batteries every few days. For users who are elderly, the freedom from fumbling with tiny batteries is an immeasurable value that impacts their quality of life.

The Rechargeable System offers continuous, stable, uninterrupted power, providing confidence that hearing aids will never run out of energy in an average day. A pair of ZPower microbatteries can take the place of an estimated 200 disposable batteries per year. The batteries are replaced once per year by a hearing care professional, so the patient never has to touch a hearing aid battery again.

Learn more about the Rechargeable System for Hearing Aids by visiting our product microsite

Wearable Devices

The capacity, size and safety that ZPower microbatteries offer make them the clear choice for wearable technology applications. As devices become smaller and product developers seek more flexible solutions, ZPower provides design support to integrate silver-zinc battery technology into new and existing products.

Unlike lithium-ion batteries, which require extra components to monitor voltage, current and temperature, silver-zinc batteries are powerful and safe. ZPower batteries use a water-based chemistry that’s stable and non-flammable for medical and wearable applications. And ZPower batteries won't leak toxic materials or catch fire if they’re mishandled.

The possibilities are exciting. ZPower batteries can be applied in myriad ways to power products such as sensors, medical devices, biosensors and geolocation services, including iBeacon and textile embedded equipment. The marriage of a ZPower microbattery and a company's bold idea is a perfect example of the potential of our technology.