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Our design support services put manufacturers on the fast track to new product development and can enable manufacturers to quickly adapt their existing products and electronics to ZPower batteries. In addition to developing silver-zinc rechargeable batteries, ZPower also offers design support services in the areas of power management and charger design for hearing instrument manufacturers. We offer a range of tools and services that can assist your product development cycle, including charging solutions, power management solutions and a product development kit.

Product Development Kit

If you’re interested in exploring how ZPower rechargeable batteries can fit into your next product design, be sure to check out our new Product Development Kit. It gives you everything you need to evaluate how ZPower rechargeable silver-zinc batteries can work in your future designs. Our rechargeable batteries are ideal for applications where small size and high energy are critical.

The Product Development Kit Includes:
icon_2batteries Two Batteries XR41/312 or XR48/13, depending on your requirements
icon_regulator Regulator Board Z125 hybrid regulator evaluation board
icon_doc Documentation Z125 hybrid regulator data sheet
icon_charger Charger XR41/312 or XR48/13 charger, depending on your requirements

Product Development Kit Request Form

To obtain the Product Development Kit, please fill out the form below and we will contact you to qualify your request.


ON Semiconductor Power Management Integrated Circuit (PMIC)

ZPower worked with ON Semiconductor, developing HPM 10 PMIC to enable simple integration of silver-zinc batteries in miniature electronic devices.


ZPower Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC)

Developed by ZPower, our Z125 hybrid voltage regulator enables our rechargeable battery to power lower voltage devices, such as hearing aids, historically powered by zinc-air batteries.

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