ZPower Battery FAQs

How long do ZPower Batteries last between charges?

In real-world trials, ZPower batteries provide over all-day continuous power, even in advanced hearing aids that offer power-hungry features like Bluetooth streaming. This is only possible through our unique, patent-protected charge algorithm.

I understand the ZPower Silver-Zinc Rechargeable battery has a higher voltage than zinc-air batteries. Does the higher voltage have an effect and impact on the performance of the hearing aid?

The ZPower Rechargeable System regulates the silver-zinc battery voltage to operate in the same range as zinc-air and the rechargeable Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries used by some manufacturers. Therefore, there is no change in the behavior of hearing aid processors. Independent lab testing of hearing aids from all six of the major hearing aid manufacturers was conducted by the hearing aid research labs at the University of Pittsburgh and James Madison University.

The electro-acoustic testing confirmed electroacoustic performance is unaltered. ZPower verified this behavior during field trials with large independent clinics and hospitals and at the hearing aid research labs at Vanderbilt University Bill Wilkerson Center. Third-Party testing Lab Delta, located in Copenhagen Denmark, was the final testing phase which also showed that the ZPower system yielded the same results when using the two different types of batteries.

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