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Rechargeable Silver-Zinc Microbattery Technology Designed to Power the Future

ZPower believes that the future of our industry lies with the ability to engineer smaller, more powerful, sustainable forms of battery energy. The world of technology is rapidly changing and product developers are no longer satisfied with the battery technology of the last century. ZPower is uniquely poised to capitalize on the growth of miniature consumer and medical devices. The demand for long-lasting, powerful microbatteries form the core of the portable electronics and wearable computer industries.

Designed and manufactured in the United States, ZPower batteries are the first new rechargeable microbattery technology to be launched since lithium-ion was introduced in the 1990s. Since our founding, our company has been financed entirely by private investors and has no government-assisted funding. We hold patents on over 100 products and innovations. ZPower allocates significant funding to research and development, and we anticipate becoming the standard for silver-zinc battery technology in the near and long term.

Jeffrey Evans

Investor Relations

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