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ZPower® Announces Collaboration with Oticon

Camarillo, Calif. – June 22, 2017 — ZPower, the world’s only developer of rechargeable, silver-zinc microbatteries, announces its collaboration with the hearing aid manufacturer Oticon to make the award-winning Internet-connected Oticon Opn™ hearing aid rechargeable. Rechargeable hearing aids are among the top features sought by hearing aid users. According to a study of over 500 […]

NASA Tech Day on the HIll

ZPower to Participate in NASA Technology Day on Capitol Hill

ZPower, the world’s only developer of rechargeable, silver-zinc microbatteries, has been invited to participate in the NASA Technology Day on Capitol Hill on June 15th. NASA Technology Day is an annual event that educates Members of Congress on NASA’s role in the development of new products, services, and technologies that stimulate the economy and contribute to […]

Engineering Design Competition

ZPower Announces Sponsorship of Engineering Design Competition for Undergraduate College Students

ZPower is pleased to announce that the Battery Bowl Design Challenge has commenced! The ZPower Battery Bowl is our first-ever college-level engineering design competition, and we can’t wait to see the innovation that will come from it. We invite all undergraduate engineering students attending a college or university in the U.S. to submit a one-page […]

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ZPower Certified as Medical Device Supplier

ZPower Rechargeable System for Hearing Aids has met the Medical Device Quality System standard ZPower, the world’s only developer of rechargeable, silver-zinc microbatteries, and the manufacturer of the ZPower Rechargeable System for Hearing Aids, has met the Medical Device Quality System standard, which recognizes ZPower as a competent supplier of medical devices. Specifically, the notified […]

Lithium Ion battery explodes in phone

How Safe are Lithium Ion Batteries? Are There Safer Alternatives?

Popularity of Lithium Ion Batteries  Because of lithium’s enormous capacity as an energy source, it has been the focus of much of the rechargeable battery industry’s time and attention. This effort has led to the development of the lithium ion battery which is rechargeable and more stable than its solid lithium counterparts, and used to […]


ZPower to Speak at This Year’s International Wireless Power Summit

ZPower will discuss the miniaturization of wireless charging at the International Wireless Power Summit. Held November 10-11, this event focuses on wireless power technology and will also include presentations from Dell, HP and Disney. CAMARILLO, CALIF. (PRWEB) NOVEMBER 01, 2016 ZPower, the world’s only developer of rechargeable silver-zinc miniature batteries, is pleased to announce that […]

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Power Failures Prove Perilous

Medical Devices: Market Wants Better Batteries The San Fernando Valley Business Journal published an article on October 31st, 2016 highlighting the recent advisory warnings of batteries in both the medical and consumer electronic industry. ZPower’s Director of Research, Jeff Ortega Ph.D., comments on the challenge that many battery manufacturers face, how to produce more power […]

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Wireless Power Summit 2016 – Battery Powered World

November 10th – 11th | Seattle, WA The 8th annual Wireless Power Summit will focus on business strategies and technology developments in  this rapidly changing field, with a focus on how wireless power has evolved to higher power applications including laptops, tools and vehicles in our battery powered world. Smithers Apex is pleased to announce the agenda for […]

two zpower batteries demonstrating battery safety

Silver-Zinc Offers Greater Battery Safety than Lithium-Ion

In light of a massive September 1, 2016, cell phone recall, which was necessitated by the explosion of thirty-five lithium-ion cell phone batteries, ZPower, the world’s only developer of rechargeable, silver-zinc miniature batteries, wants to remind its customers of the great battery safety of ZPower technology. They are 100% non-flammable and non-toxic and are one […]

Rio Olympic Technology Arial View

Rio Olympics Technology Impressive as Athletics

So far, the 2016 Rio Olympics can claim some of the best performances from US athletes ever. And, while this year’s global sporting competition has had a few hiccups, for the most part, spectators on the scene and at home seem to be enjoying the events. One place where this year’s summer games really stand […]

zpower system for rechargeable hearing aids - rechargeable microbattery

ZPower Batteries Preferred for Rechargeable Hearing Aids

According to Hearing Tracker, patients and providers prefer ZPower batteries to power up rechargeable hearing aids!  Now that’s what we call some seriously good news. Click below to check out Hearing Tracker’s recently released independent survey results.  Rechargeable Hearing Aid Preferences: Survey Findings More From ZPower: Next-Level Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries are Here CES Innovation Awards 2016 […]

discovery channel newswatch logo - ZPower Battery featured on Discovery Channel Newswatch

ZPower Battery on the Discovery Channel

Tech Report Rechargeable batteries are a smart and eco-friendly alternative to regular disposable batteries. One company leading the way in rechargeable battery solutions is ZPower Battery. ZPower specifically develops rechargeable silver-zinc batteries for miniature battery applications. In fact, they are the only company in the world that makes miniature silver-zinc batteries. These batteries are stable, non-flammable, […]

229th esc meeting

Advantages of Silver Zinc Battery Tech Over Li-Ion

CAMARILLO, CALIF. (PRWEB) JUNE 16, 2016 ZPower Director of Research Jeff Ortega, Ph.D., presented on the advantages of silver zinc battery technology at the 229th Electrochemical Society Meeting, held May 29 – June 3 in San Diego. The international conference offered a blend of electrochemical and solid-state science and technology and served as a major forum for […]

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Next-Level Rechargeable Batteries for Hearing Aids are Here

ZPower has introduced high-energy rechargeable batteries for hearing aids that can be retrofitted for use with many major hearing aid brands, making it a convenient option for patients. Hearing aids retrofitted with ZPower batteries and customized battery doors can be recharged without requiring users to open the battery doors or remove the battery from the […]

2016 edison awards rechargeable hearing aid system wins bronze award

Rechargeable Hearing Aid System Wins Edison 2016 Bronze

NEW YORK (PRWEB) APRIL 25, 2016 – The Edison Awards, celebrating 29 years of honoring the best in innovation and excellence in the development of new products and services, announced on Friday that the ZPower Rechargeable Hearing Aid System was voted a Bronze Winner for innovation at the April 21st event at The Capitale in […]

ces innovation awards logo - zpower earns ces innovation awards honoree

CES Innovation Awards 2016 Honoree

CES 2016 – The award recognizes ZPower for its rechargeable system for hearing aids, its battery technology and the complete system that allows that technology to be used in today’s most popular hearing aids. Products entered in this prestigious program are judged by a preeminent panel of independent industrial designers, independent engineers, and members of […]

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We’re Among the Ranks of ISO 9001 Certified Companies

Like all ISO 9001 certified companies, ZPower meets some very stringent guidelines. Here’s a quick overview: ISO 9001:2008 specifies requirements for a quality management system where an organization needs to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide product that meets customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, and aims to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective […]

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ZPower Announces FDA Registration

Camarillo, CA –December 2, 2015 – ZPower, the world’s only developer of rechargeable, silver-zinc miniature batteries, and the manufacturer of the ZPower Rechargeable System for Hearing Aids announced that as of October 13, 2015 its facility and devices achieved FDA registration. Specifically, ZPower’s Camarillo, Ca facility is now an FDA registered Medical Device Establishment for […]

silver zinc button cell battery superior energy density

Silver-Zinc Button Cell Battery Has Superior Energy Density

Energy Density Comparison of the Silver-Zinc Button Cell Battery with Rechargeable Li-Ion and Li-Polymer Coin and Miniature Prismatic Cells Silver-zinc batteries have the highest theoretical specific energy (Wh/kg) and energy density (Wh/L) of all rechargeable battery technologies available commercially today. Rechargeable silver-zinc batteries have been successfully used for decades in military and aerospace applications where […]

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Technology Pioneer 2009 – World Economic Forum

2009 marks the 10th edition of the Technology Pioneers Award of the World Economic Forum. In the past decade, we have identified close to 400 of the most innovative companies in the fields of biotechnology and health, energy and the environment, and information technologies. They have contributed substantially to the progress of both society and […]

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2008 Innova Award – Battery Power Products & Technology Magazine

Battery Power Products & Technology announced ZPower as one of 3 winners of the 2008 Innova Awards winners. These awards are designed to recognize companies that are striving for excellence and are achieving technology breakthroughs. More From ZPower: ZPower Battery on the Discovery Channel CES Innovation Awards 2016 Honoree

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Pacific Coast 101 One Hundred – Company to Watch 2008

The Business Times ranks the top 100 private and public companies in the Tri-Counties based on annual revenue, and the top companies to watch in the region, based on venture capital obtained or promising and innovative products and services. ZPower was named “Company to Watch” in 2008. More From ZPower: CES Innovation Awards 2016 Honoree […]

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AlwaysON Going Green 100 Top Private Companies 2007

The AlwaysOn GoingGreen Award recognizes the top private greentech companies that are creating new business opportunities and transforming the world’s largest industries to improve sustainability. The companies were evaluated based on assessments of the breakthrough potential of their technologies, market size, management team, and investors. Both startups and well-established firms were evaluated. AlwaysOn surveyed hundreds […]

intel developer forum tia award

Technology Innovation Accelerated (TIA) Award 2006 – Intel Developers Forum

The Intel TIA Awards recognize the most significant technological innovation presented during IDF, categorized in six areas: mobility, digital home, digital office, storage, data center, and technology and research. Judges from the press and industry analysts select the winners. ZPower won the award based upon its demonstration at IDF of a notebook computer using its […]

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